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Fine Foods Spain Fine Foods Spain
The company Fine Foods Spain brings a wide range of the highest quality foods, carefully selected from the many and varied regions throughout Spain.
Fine Foods Spain saves you time and effort by giving you the opportunity of finding the best speciality of each area. It is the only company to gather the best products of each area in Spain to approach them to the world by exporting them. Our aim is to be, for our customers, the most direct route to Spanish specialities; white tuna, asparagus, balsamic vinegar, Calasparra rice, capers, extra virgin olive oil, wine, garlic cloves in olive oil, artichoke hearts, jams, marmalade, saffron of la Mancha, sherry vinegar, smoked paprika from la Vera, Piquillo red pepper, black truffle, black olive pbti, olives, anchovies, vegetable pickles, gherkin, spring onions and a wide range of organic food products.
Hocine Mohamdi
[34] 973 235726
C/ Bonaire, 8 - 12, D4
Lleida, Lleida, 25006, Spain
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Ms. Pilar Soriano
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